Do you have a love-hate relationship with zippers?

Whenever I am sewing invisible zippers in pillows I am always looking for ways to improve my end results. This year I decided to add a pop of colorful fun to my Christmas pillow collection with some red and white polka dot fabric.

I was getting ready to sew in my invisible zipper(I used a #5) and thought, hmmm, there is a double 1/4″ cording foot already on the machine. Typically I use the center foot of my single 1/4″ cording foot and the outside foot of my zipper foot. (An Industrial Walking foot machine which has 2 part presser feet) (I have a Juki DNU 1541s). Why not give it a try using the double welt foot to sew my invisible zipper?

WALLAH! Using my 1/4″ double welt foot to sew a #5 invisible zipper tape worked like a charm. I was able to get close to the teeth but not too close. There was no need to iron the zipper tape and I was able to use my finger to keep the zipper teeth rolled off to the side slightly as I sewed.

The zipper slide works smoothly and my pillows look great.


I love the ability to change the look of a room by swapping out a few pillows. Here is a link to the video blog where I made the applique pillows live.

If you struggle with pillow inserts take a look at my friend Donna of Designs By Donna. She has some great information and is a pillow expert! Donna shares her methods for installing invisible zippers in her online tutorial “How To Make A Basic Duvet”

Learn how to add an invisible zipper to a cushion with our online classes membership.

See you on the inside, Kim

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