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About Kimberley Chagnon

Kimberley Chagnon, co-owner of Kim's Upholstery, has a passion for providing educational opportunities. Kim uses today's modern materials without losing the old world integrity. When she started her upholstery business in 1996, she didn't know where it would take her, but she was ready to do what she loved and be her own boss. Kim and her husband Bill began using an online video streaming platform as an avenue to educate their retail clients. The questions received online revealed the need for education in the art upholstery. This ignited the next chapter for Kim's Upholstery. Kim began teaching small groups locally in Massachusetts. In 2013 Kim was invited to teach in Lowell, Massachusetts at Innovations Boston. In 2014 Kim co-founded The Sewing and Upholstery Retreat. Since that time she has been teaching upholstery workshops around the country and in her studio located in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Kim also teaches thousands of students around the world through her online upholstery classes. Sharing knowledge has become a passion for Kim as she enjoys seeing the excitement of her students and their pride as they complete projects.


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