The Knife Edge T-Style is a common cushion style for the backs of chairs and sofas.

Learning to measure the furniture and create a properly fitting cushion will make your piece look more professional.

In this video, we take all our measurements from the chair. I’ll teach what additions you need to add to the measurements of your chair as well as why. We will be making a zipper boxing and panels that help to give our cushion the desired depth. The top corners of our cushion are a pleated Turkish Corner.

  • Part 1 Measuring For Your Cushion
  • Part 2 Creating The Template
  • Part 3 Cutting Parts For Your Back Cushion
  • Part 4 Sewing Your Back Cushion

Total Run Time: 73 minutes

Supplies List

  • One and ¾ Yards Face Fabric
  • Matching Thread (69 bonded nylon)
  • 5/32” Fiber Flex Welt Cord
  • Loose Poly Fiber Fill Insert
  • #5 Nylon Zipper and Slide


  • Sewing Machine (I use a Juki DNU 1541s with a number 18 needle)
  • ¼” Cording Foot and Zipper Foot For Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins
  • Ruler For Measuring
  • Straight Edge
  • Pencil and Template Paper or Fabric Remnant