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Looking For A Great Upholstery Fabric Vendor?

Who’s your go-to upholstery fabric vendor?   Mine has not changed in about 20  years. The Greenhouse Fabrics Guru’s have really taken an active role in their clients' businesses.  When I first began offering upholstery fabric to my clients I had only been in business a few years.  I reached out to several upholstery fabric vendors and most of them said, “sorry you don’t have any sales history”.  How am I supposed to get [...]

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Upholstery Teardown Is The First Step In Learning To Reupholster

Learning To Upholster Starts With Upholstery Teardown When you find that perfect project the second thing you do is the upholstery teardown.  First thing you will want to do is to figure out measure fabric yardages. I'll share my method for calculating fabric yardage in the link above.  Be sure to print out the downloadable PDF as well. So now it is time for teardown.  In the video below Bill shares the tools that [...]

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Reupholstering A Wing Back Chair With Two Fabrics

Enjoy our LIVE videos where I share how I upholstered this Wing Back Chair Reupholstering A Wing Back Chair Can I say am hooked on Craigs List and Facebook Market Place?  This could become an addiction to add to my upholstery addiction! So I drove 3 hours to pick up this little beauty... yep all the way to Albany NY area.  I choose this pink chenille [...]

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Upholstering An Eastlake Chair

Enjoy our LIVE videos where I share how I upholstered this Eastlake Chair Reupholstering An Eastlake Chair I love the pieces you can find in facebook market place, don't you?  I purchased 3 small chairs for $70 and this little cutie was one of them.  I'm thinking they would look nice around a dining room table. The fabrics I used for this project are from Greenhouse [...]

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Video Tutorials Enhanced My Hands-On Learning Experience

Spending time learning something new Why do we always put ourselves last when decorating our homes? I spoke to Donna Cash of Designs By Donna and found out that yes, Donna would travel for her hands-on teaching!  I was so excited to host her 3-day bedding class. Donna and I picked the date and began to let everyone know our plan. With little effort, we immediately had 4 other students signed up to attend [...]

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Hands-On Training Is The Only Way To Learn Upholstery. Right?

What is the best way to learn a new skill? It really depends on who you ask. Some people learn best by reading, others by listening to instruction and watching videos, and many others believe attending a class live and in person only way to learn. It's a fact, everyone learns differently. And while hands-on upholstery training is undoubtedly a great way to learn, it is not necessarily the easiest or best way [...]

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