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Video Tutorials Enhanced My Hands-On Learning Experience

Spending time learning something new Why do we always put ourselves last when decorating our homes? I spoke to Donna Cash of Designs By Donna and found out that yes, Donna would travel for her hands-on teaching!  I was so excited to host her 3-day bedding class. Donna and I picked the date and began to let everyone know our plan. With little effort, we immediately had 4 other students signed up to attend [...]

By |April 9th, 2019|Categories: DIY, Upholstery|

Hands-On Training Is The Only Way To Learn Upholstery. Right?

What is the best way to learn a new skill? It really depends on who you ask. Some people learn best by reading, others by listening to instruction and watching videos, and many others believe attending a class live and in person only way to learn. It's a fact, everyone learns differently. And while hands-on upholstery training is undoubtedly a great way to learn, it is not necessarily the easiest or best way [...]

By |April 9th, 2019|Categories: Upholstery|

A DIY Slipcover To Spruce Up Your Sofa For Spring

Let your sofa slip into something more comfortable Spring is the perfect time of year to begin making a new slipcover for your home.  I get inspired to clean and change things up a bit in my home once the weather gets warmer and we start to hear more birds singing.  My favorite ways to do this is to move the furniture around and change out some of the things in my home and add [...]

By |March 27th, 2019|Categories: DIY, Slipcover, Upholstery|

Upholstery Happens And You Move On

ALL Flights To Denver CANCELED! Due to SNOW How do you handle what life throws at you? Today I find myself sitting in the airport due to a canceled flight.  I could yell at the clerk who is not at fault, I could get irritated and complain all day or I could take it in stride and make the best of the day.  I choose option 3 how about you? No one [...]

By |March 14th, 2019|Categories: Upholstery|

Make Perfect Comfy Window Seat Cushions!

Comfy Cushions Are A Must! Window seat cushions are a great place to read a book, take a nap or just enjoy a cup of tea.  These comfort areas in our homes come in many shapes and sizes so buying a one size fits all cushion is usually not an option.  When Creating these cushioned areas getting the right comfort is a must. Don’t skimp or overcompensate on seat [...]

By |February 18th, 2019|Categories: DIY, Upholstery, Upholstery Business|

Fabric Scraps DIY Tote Bag Tutorial

Lot's of fabric scraps to choose from and make a DIY Tote Bag! If you are like me you have loads and loads of fabric scraps hanging around collecting dust.  Using a great canvas base and a few odd scraps I created a handy DIY bag.  In this tutorial, I will show step by step how I sewed this bag that can also be reversible.  I've also added a  step by step PDF  with [...]

By |February 9th, 2019|Categories: Upholstery|
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