Fall is my favorite season of them all

Fall is my favorite season here in New England. This time of year brings back childhood memories with my mom as well as memories with my kids when they were young. Times of baking pies, picking apples, and finding that perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.

To help celebrate these memories I decorate my home with the colors of the season. On a recent visit to my friend and workshop hostess Donna Cash’s studio we planned an extra day to create together. Fall pillows were our theme for the day. Both Donna and I scoured Pinterest and our favorite magazines for inspiration. I think you will agree we created some one-of-a-kind beauties for our homes.

Applique can allow so much freedom to create

You can seal the edges of your pieces, let them fray, use a straight stitch or zig-zag stitch them in place.  As you can see I chose to let the edges fray a bit and used both a zig-zag and a straight stitch.

We created two pumpkin pillows using the same pattern design but creating two completely different looks

I love them both for different reasons.

For the more neutral pumpkin, I layered dacron behind each layer of fabric as it was sewn.  This gave the pumpkin more depth and dimension (the home sewing machine did struggle a bit with this technique).  Using a zig-zag stitch also added a bit more detailing.  

Sometimes simple is better

The bright orange pumpkin was appliqued directly on the fabric with no padding added.  For this one, I used a straight stitch as I wanted to see how that would look, and I did like it.  The fabrics had enough going on that I felt the simplicity of a straight stitch was just what the fabrics called for.

And my final pillow is the fun bright yellow sunflower

For this, I actually cut out the fabric pieces and threw them in the washing machine to get the frayed edge effect. I LOVED THE RESULT! Using a contrasting color thread added another layer of design to the flower petals and center of the flower.

My home is very eclectic with a mix of farmhouse, french, vintage, and country. I love so many different styles that I can’t pick just one as it wouldn’t feel right for me.  If you think you might like to make some Christmas theme pillows here is a blog where I did them on live video.

The furniture you see has also been upholstered and slipcovered by me…

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See you on the inside