Do you watch Reality TV?

Antique Tufted Day Bed

  • Well what about the reality of an upholstery studio?
  • Are you curious what happens on  a day to day basis in an upholstery studio?
  • Are you thinking of starting your own upholstery business?

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions we have got just the thing for you.  You can watch and ask questions while I work on a project in my Studio by simply typing in the chat on Facebook or YouTube.  Every Wednesday at 12:30pm EST  we will be broadcasting live to Facebook and YouTube as I work on a project.

During the last couple of weeks we were working on an Antique Day Bed and received a great response from our viewers as the were able to see the project from start to finish.  Our viewers started emailing us and requesting that we do complete projects. We’ve heard you and will now start doing just that.  Our plan is to start a project live and work on it as you watch weekly until that piece is done.  Our scheduled live time is as I mentioned Wednesday’s but as time permits we may go live on other days as well in the same time frame of 12:30 EST.  If you would like to be notified when we go live on Facebook  click the “Follow” option you will see on one of our live streaming events.  For those of you watching on YouTube  simply  subscribe to our channel.  These two options will allow you to receive a notification when we go live so you don’t miss the progress of the piece we are working on.  Below you can see the live events where we worked on the Antique Day Bed.  As always these events are recorded so you can go back and view them when you have the time.


Day One of Antique Day Bed

Day Two of Antique Day Bed

Day Three of Antique Day Bed

Day Four of Antique Day Bed Finishing the project

See you on the Inside!