Hello everyone, Bill of Kim‘s Upholstery here.

Our StudioFor the last couple of years I have been learning to use video to promote our business.  Kim’s Upholstery  and Soft Home Furnishings.  At first I would travel around to surrounding towns like Northampton, Hadley, Longmeadow and many others up and down the Pioneer Valley, and ask business owners if the would like me to shoot a short video of their business establishment.  I  offered to put the video on a YouTube channel or Facebook, for free, just to see what happened. I was really hoping I would get a call back and be asked to shoot video again maybe with a little cash incentive. Well as you can imagine most of the people I talked to thought I had two heads. You wana do what? What is social media? What is a YouTube? I did manage to video a few places and post them to the social media sites. Not much happened after that. I never got a call. I didn’t give up though. I started to video my  business. Kim’s Upholstery. At first it was slow. I started to pay more attention to YouTube.  At first I couldn’t even find the videos I had posted on there. Whats up with that? I started to do some digging. I found out I needed to be ranked in order to be found. What in the world is “being ranked’? Well that means your videos are being found, viewed, liked and commented on. I can’t find my video , how is anyone else going to find it? Well you need to use key words in your title. Whats a key word? Next you need th write a description of your video that contains keywords that are relevant to your video, without the over use of your keywords. Huh? Uploading your video properly is also a big help. Ugh! You need to use the  proper size for best viewing along with the proper codec and speed. Ohhhh Crap, I havent even figured out what key word to use! GeeWhizz, I think I will buy a new camera that can do all that for me. Nope, that didn’t work! I kept at it and now I have gone from not being able to find my own videos to having over 370000 views in less one year. Some of my videos rank on the first page of YouTube searches. I frequently learn about video and video marketing through webinars, which is how I discovered the services offered on https://ful.io/ that made me attend one session that left me eager to enroll in the instructor’s video marketing course. I decided to take a day to think about it before making a decision. Today I went back to his offer and decided to check out his YouTube channel. Very impressive. I looked a little closer and saw that he has 101 subscribers to my 1050, 51 videos to my 62 and 49000 views to my 370000+ views. Wait a minute. This guy is offering to teach me! Maybe I could teach him a few tricks!

 Would you do me a favor? Would you take a look at a few of my videos on the Kim’s Upholstery channel on YouTube and let me know what you think? Be honest, if you don’t like what you see, or you have suggestions for changes, please let me know me know.

In the past year  I have learned quite a bit about how to ‘Get Your Business Found With Vide0′. We receive emails comments and phone calls every day about our videos. If you are trying to do this for your business maybe we can talk. Email me (bchaggy2@yahoo.com) with your questions or ask them here in the comment section of this blog. Check out my Kim’s Upholstery YouTube Channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/KimsUpholstery While you are there ,would you mind subscribing to it?

Thanks Bill Chagnon