My First Impression Of The Sailrite  Ultrafeed LS-1 Walking Foot Sewing Machine

My First Impression Of The Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 Basic Walking Foot Sewing Machine. This is a straight stitch sewing machine. The first thing I did was to check out the included DVD that came with the machine. This DVD is 2 hrs and 45 minutes of very well shot and narated video with 12 chapters and covers everything you need to know about your LS-1 Walking Foot Sewing Machine. Very Impressive! The Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 Basic Walking Foot Sewing MachineI have machines priced 3 or more times the cost of this machine and none of them came with such great documentation. Sailrite also offers Live Chat on their website   if you still have un answered questions about the sewing machine or other Sailrite products.

With all this information  it was very easy to assemble the machine to the wooden base and make it ready to sew. Heads up to the existing manufacturers of industrial sewing machines!!

Kim inspecting the stitch length and consistancy produced by the Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 Basic Walking Foot Sewing Machine.Next I tested the machine out by making cording and cushion components for an upcoming job. The material was a heavy corduroy.
The LS-1 sewed through this material beautifully with a very consistant stitch. Progression from straight stitch to reverse locking stitch was effortless and smooth.
I’m teaching at a 3 day workshop this week and I plan to take this sewing machine with me so my students can try it out. I’m betting this Sailrite LS-1 Basic Walking Foot Machine will be a big hit. Hope to get more video to share with you.