Seven years and going strong, Thank You for your continued support!

You came to know and trust us through our YouTube channel but you wanted more in-depth content. (Today our YouTube Channel has almost 70,000 subscribers.) So Bill researched and researched for a way to answer your needs. An online upholstery classes membership was that answer. Within a few short months of launching our online membership, we had nearly 100 members. WOW, and many of them are still members today! You put your faith in us and we could not be more grateful.

Kim's Upholstery Member Area Of Membership

Why just $49/month? Because we want it to be affordable for YOU!

That’s right, seven years ago Bill and I launched our online classes membership website. Online learning was a new venture and very few had started offering it as an option. With people all over the world looking to gain knowledge and not having a way to obtain it locally our membership site was an instant success. We launched our membership with 12 in-depth tutorials.

  • Springing Up A Chair
  • Tear Down
  • Tools
  • T-Deck With Mitered Corners
  • Queen Anne Arm Chair
  • Tufted Headboard
  • Headboard With Cut-Outs
  • Twin Headboard Curved Top and Boxing
  • English Arm Club Chair
  • Dining Room Chair With Fully Upholstered Seat
  • Rectangular Ottoman
  • Slipseat With Boxing And Cutouts

Within the first 6 months, we had outgrown our membership platform and began Kim’s Upholstery 2.0. Every year the volume challenged the technology and we were always looking for better ways to bring you the upholstery education you longed for. Next was Kim’s Upholstery 3.0. We strived to build a community that supported everyone without fear of judgment. And I am proud to say you all stepped up to help do just that.

Over the last 7 years, Kim’s Upholstery Online Classes Membership has become the go-to online upholstery hub for several thousand DIYers and professional upholsterers. It became a place to gain knowledge, confidence, build friendships, and improve skills.

(We revamped the online classes membership once again earlier in 2021 to accommodate the growth and our members are loving the new Kim’s Upholstery 4.0)

Today our online membership has grown to over 90 video titles including 360+ lessons, a robust community, and business-related classes too. Kim’s Upholstery also produces an Annual Upholstery MeetUp to encourage networking, making connections, and continual learning about this wonderful creative addiction to upholstery.

When you compare our value to other educators, it’s a no-brainer, at their rates ours would cost over $14,000!!

Kim's Upholstery Member Area Of Membership
  • 16 Cushion Tutorials
  • 20 Tips and Techniques
  • 5 Ottomans
  • 16 Full Chair Projects Beginner To Advanced
  • 6 Dining chair Projects
  • 4 Headboards
  • 5 Business Classes
  • 4 Tear Downs
  • 11 Beginner And Basics Tutorials
  • A Section Just On Making The Cuts
  • 7 Tutorials On Typing Springs
  • 13 Tutorials On Decks With Different Details and Techniques
  • 13 Different Style Inside Arms
  • 3 Full Project Slipcover Tutorials
  • 2 Different Style Skirt Tutorials (Kick Pleat and Dressmakers/Waterfall)
  • 12 Specific Skill Tutorials (Curve Ease, Edgeroll, Making Cording and so much more)
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A’s
  • Community Forum Within The Membership
  • Down Loadable PDF’s
  • Suppliers Resource List

We love our members and the community they have helped us create. No other group has the strong support system that we do and that is all thanks to YOU, our loyal members.

We are excited to see how many new members we will gain and the friendships that will be formed over the next 7 years.

Kim and Bill