Who’s your go-to upholstery fabric vendor?  

Mine has not changed in about 20  years. The Greenhouse Fabrics Guru’s have really taken an active role in their clients’ businesses.  When I first began offering upholstery fabric to my clients I had only been in business a few years.  I reached out to several upholstery fabric vendors and most of them said, “sorry you don’t have any sales history”.  How am I supposed to get sales history if I have nothing to sell???? Not Greenhouse Fabrics though,  they asked me lots of questions about my business so that they could help me and serve me in the best way possible.  I never knew that setting up an account could be so easy and quick!!

A party in a box!

When my first box of upholstery fabric books arrived it was like a party in a box.  I have never felt so welcomed by a vendor. The first thing that appeared when I opened the flaps of the box was a photo of all the sales reps that said “Welcome to Greenhouse” and it was signed by everyone.  Wow…talk about feeling special. Under the letter were party streamers. As I dug through the streamers there was a t-shirt that reads “Upholsterers Never Die They Always Recover” with an image of an upholsterer laying underneath a chair.  I still have that shirt. Last but not least was my first set of books. Now I was ready to offer a nice variety of quality upholstery fabrics to my clients WOO HOO! And did I mention “THE BOOKS WERE FREE”!

So 20 years later I still receive my box of new upholstery fabric books every month. Greenhouse Fabrics has played a big part in helping me to grow my successful business.  In this video interview with the Greenhouse Fabrics and Anna Elizabeth team, we discuss how easy it is for you to join the family and I have no doubt you will be glad you did

Having a good relationship with your vendors can play an important part in the successful business.  In the comments below please share your stories of how the Greenhouse and Anna Elizabeth team has helped you.

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See you on the inside, Kim

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