This is a short video we did this past summer, 2010. It took about two weeks of video taping and many hours of video editing, to get a 4 minute movie.

These are custom dining room chair cushions. There were 52 cushions in all,  20 were done prior to taping. All were done in a Chateau Merlot leather from Robert Allen.

Working with leather is a real treat although it does require lots of extra time and care in the process. First, we buy leather in full hides. All hides need to be inspected for blemishes. Sometimes we find holes, brands, and old scars. These blemishes often present a problem in the layout of the cutting. We spend lots of time figuring out how or where to cut on the hide to get the most out of it with the least amount of scrap. I use a pen, on the good side of the leather, to mark out the pattern. In the case of these cushions, I made a foam pattern to trace on to the leather ensuring me that the top and bottom of all cushions would be the same. There is a total of 19 separate pieces of leather in each cushion plus 1 zipper, 2 brass air vents, and a dacron layered foam cushion.