Learning Upholstery By Doing

I have just returned from an awesome hands-on upholstery training workshop in Chauvin LA.  Karly owner of Karly’s Kustom was our hostess for the 3-day upholstery workshop. The students arrived having already finished the tear down of their chairs.  Doing the tear down prior to the upholstery class gives them the opportunity to actually see what is involved and helps with gathering the supplies they will need to bring.

Karly and Kim Drinking Hurricanes in NOLA

Crab cakes and Hurricanes go well together

Karly picked Tracy and me up at the airport on Wednesday, Tracy flew in from Arkansas.  The three of us spent the afternoon in New Orleans which I learned can be shortened to NOLA. (this New England girl was going to learn a lot of new things while here).  Karly took us to lunch in the French Quarter where I had the best crab cakes I have ever had, YUMMY.  After lunch we ventured to Bourbon Street so I could enjoy the culture, and that I did.  We watched a group of rugby players as they were filming. Next, we stopped at a local bar and stood in the doorway to listen to a zydeco band.  We also saw a classic rock band and several street performers.  Wow, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.  Wait there is more… I had my first ever hurricane in Pat O’Briens, no that’s not a storm it is a fruity drink with rum.  Karly said we were good as long as we didn’t follow up with a grenade.  Hmmm, what kind of drinks are these?  See you can enjoy crab cakes and a hurricane on the same day and not get blown away (pun intended).  Karly, I need to be ready to teach tomorrow. . . . No more hurricanes for me today!

She’s come a long way to learn

Karly welcomed everyone to her 800 sqft workroom, Karly’s Kustom.  Everyone arrived early on Thursday and were ready to begin working. Karin drove the farthest coming from Illinois. She has been a member of our online classes but had never actually upholstered a piece before the workshop, Tracy had done a few pieces for clients and also had watched lots of the membership videos to prepare for her first channel back chair.  Missy, who owns a drapery workroom, wanted to see if upholstery was going to be something she would add as an offering to her clients, I think she will be doing just that.  Karly has also been watching the member videos and done several upholstery projects as well, so honing her upholstery skills was the goal.  Everyone arrived on the first day with the upholstery teardown completed and frames repaired. Let’s get started ladies!

Lots of opportunities to learn

Not only do they get to work on their own chair, but everyone learns from what the others are upholstering as well. So with 4 completely different chairs, there are a lot of opportunities to learn new skills.   Let me also say that the upholstery workshops are designed to teach you the skills you desire, but it doesn’t stop there.  Spending time together over dinner at the end of the day and sharing is all part of the fun. You know what else happens at an upholstery workshop?   Our other upholstery friends in the area come out to meet us… LOVE that!  Monica of  Vogue Upholstery located in Thibodaux LA joined us one evening.   It was a blast to finally meet Monica in person as we had chatted several times during our members Live Q&A’s. Monica was so much fun and has invited me back next year as a hostess for an advanced upholstery workshop.

Upholstery continues

The focus on day two is to get the insides of the chairs finished.  This day includes adding support systems whether it be jute webbing or sagless and lots of padding using upholstery cotton and bonded Daron for supplies. Oh and more conversation too.  Yes, we did chat a ton during lunch at a local restaurant and then again at dinner.  Women can talk and because we share the same interest we have tons to talk about.  Networking with your peers is so much fun.  By the end of the day,  everyone is very very tired and bedtime comes early.

Crawfish on the Bayou . . .  yum

Okay now it is the last day of the workshop and the end is near.  We are still working and finishing up our chairs but there is a lot more laughter as now we are very comfortable with our new upholstery friends.  Did I mention that Karly had an over the top lunch planned for all of us on day 3?  Since I had never been to the Bayou Karly wanted to introduce me to eating crawfish ( the ladies had to correct me on how to say crawfish and not crayfish, but I finally got it).   Karly’s brother cooked a wonder crawfish and shrimp boil for lunch and we didn’t need silverware, yes this is a finger food kinda meal.  Who knew!!  Trae was cooking as we worked through the morning and boy did it smell good.  Our lunch was great and the southern hospitality was so heartfelt, Bill we may need to move.

Meeting Upholstery Friends!

I am so glad I decided to stay an extra day.  Karly wasn’t done showing me the sites yet.  On my last day in Chauvin Karly made reservations for a Swamp Tour as she knew I was wanting to see an alligator up close, yep I did, crazy right!  She also invited Heidi, her cousin who I had met before but wanted to see again and Tamara who is a member I have chatted with online also during our members weekly live Q
&A’s.  I love meeting my upholstery friends in person. Tamara and Heidi joined us for lunch and the swamp tour.  We had a blast and yes I got to see several alligators up close.  Oh and eagles too. I love nature and wildlife as much as I love upholstery!

Join me for 3 days of  learning and fun

So you see our upholstery workshops are a great way to meet other upholstery friends, as well as learning new upholstery skills.  But to the other hostesses, NO it is not a requirement to top Karly’s workshop.   Now that you know how much fun and learning we have I invite you to join me for an upholstery workshop.  We still have room left in our last 3 traveling workshops of 2018.

Castle Rock Colorado September 14-16

Lakeland Florida October 12-14

Galax Virginia November 9-11

If a workshop is not available in your area we have just the thing for you, become an annual member and save 20% off the monthly membership (that is a $60 savings – learn 24/7 365 days).

I  bring the training to YOU.

See you in the fall,