DIY Canvas Tote Bag

Get out your fabric scraps and let’s make a DIY Tote Bag!

If you are like me you have loads and loads of fabric scraps hanging around collecting dust.

Using a great canvas base and a few odd scraps I created a handy DIY tote bag. In this tutorial, I will show step by step how I sewed this bag that can also be reversible.  I’ve also added a step by step PDF  with supply and cut list.

Use the form below the videos to download your PDF.  Be adventurous and see what fabric combinations you can come up with from your stash!

DIY Bag Tutorial Part 1

DIY Bag Tutorial Part 2

DIY Bag Tutorial Part 3

A fun project to break up the day

I hope you enjoyed this project.  Every so often we need to take a break and do something to spark our creativity.  Please share pictures of your bag with me and let me know what projects you’ve got coming up.

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See you on the inside, Kim