Want To Learn Upholstery, ONLINE?

Do you want to learn how to do upholstery online at home? Is your garage full to the max with stray vintage chairs that you’ve been picking up? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you. We’ve created a membership full of skill-building videos to help you get started, but I should warn you. Upholstery is addictive and soon your friends and family will be asking you to upholster pieces for them.

I wish my garage could hold that many chairs!

How do I know this? That’s exactly what happened to me and many of our other members as well. I started upholstering furniture as a hobby, but before I knew it, my hobby had turned into a business. A few years later, we started sharing the process on YouTube and learned that there was a need for upholstery education.

They stay for the community

This is how our online membership class site was born by creating video tutorials to teach the skills of upholstery and a private group where members could ask questions and share their projects. We soon had created a buzzing community of like-minded people. The community is not the main reason members join Kim’s upholstery online classes, but it is one of the reasons they stay.

By joining our membership, you’ll get access to hours and hours of videos in our library, where I teach you the skills that you need to upholster your projects. Once you’ve become a member, you’ll have access to our members, only community. In this private community or tribe. As I sometimes call it, our members share their successes as well as their pitfalls.

Kim's Upholstery Member Area Of Membership

Working through problems together

We strive to help you, our members get the best results you can and figure out how to work through any problems that you may be having. Other members are always eager to jump in and help each other, and that is why this is such a special group.  With members from around the world. Sometimes language differences, add humor to the subject, but we always work through it. We also have a private members-only Facebook group.

Tell me, where else can you go to have so many people supporting you 24 /7? I know nowhere. So join now and become part of our tribe. And let’s get to know one another. I’ll see you on the inside, where we bring the training to you.