Here are a few things to consider.


Make sure the fabric is an upholstery weight fabric with a tight weave and a good double rub count.

2.Frame construction. What’s under that pretty fabric?

Frames made of hard wood that is doweled, screwed, and glued are the best and usually cost more. On the plus side this frame will last longer and be worth reupholstering.

A lot of  inexpensive furniture offered for sale today is made from laminated wood,  more commonly known as plywood. Plywood comes in different grades and you get what you pay for. Inexpensive furniture, most likely, will be made from a lesser grade plywood. The problem is that the plywood often  will delaminate causing the structure to fail. Add to that, poor construction practices such as loose or sloppy joinery, lack of proper fastening, and  little or no glue in the joints.

Some of the more reputable  furniture manufacturers will use a good grade of plywood for their frames. Yes this is better, but it is still plywood. Don’t get me wrong, plywood is great when it is used in certain areas of a frame. I just don’t believe it should be used to construct a whole furniture frame.

3. Support system:

You get the best support from an eight way tied coil spring system. The eight refers to the number of knots on each coil spring

This system will draw support from all surrounding springs. Eight way tied springs are usually found in the more expensive furniture.

Zig zag springs ,usually found in less expensive or discount furniture, offer less support and will not last as long. When a single zig zag fails it won’t be long before the whole spring system fails. The reason you find zig zag springs in a piece of furniture is because it is less expensive to use and quick and easy to install.

4. Cushions:

Cushions made of a combination of an upholstery grade foam and bonded Dacron  is a good choice.  You can also get cushions with  a foam and down or foam and loose Dacron for good support and feel. Cushions made from pure down need constant fluffing and cushions made from loose Dacron tend to get lumpy.

What you buy is up to you. When you get to the furniture store, ask the sales person to show you what the furniture is made of. You can buy furniture that will last 15 or more years, and have the option to reupholster it, or you can buy furniture that will last 1 to 5 years and add more to the landfill. And remember, going to the store is not necessary anymore, you can easily shop from home on websites like

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