Learning a new skill can be intimidating. Oftentimes people have the desire to learn something new, but don’t pursue it due to fear.  Time is also a huge constraint, as many people in our busy society lack time to devote to learning a new skill, especially when it involves carving out time to attend classes. It is because of these reasons, and many more, that I created my online upholstery classes. I wanted to provide access to anyone wanting to learn, without the fear and time commitment that comes with a traditional in-person class. We make learning to upholster online easy in our step-by-step training videos.  However, I understand that some might be apprehensive about learning a hands-on skill and technique online, which is completely valid. Today I’ll discuss the pros and cons of online upholstery classes vs. in-person classes to see which option might be best for you!

Online Upholstery Classes vs. In-Person Classes

Pros to Online Classes: 

  • Learn when you have time! Whether it is 5 a.m., 3:00 in the afternoon, or 11 p.m., we are there when you are free and ready to learn!
  • It’s always there! These close-up videos aren’t going anywhere! While we do have free videos on our site, the monthly membership houses everything you will ever need to know about a project! The best part is that they are yours to watch as many times as you want or need.
  • You can start, stop, rewind, and re-watch anytime. 
  • Our Online Membership tutorials show step-by-step instructions ensuring you see every detail of a project. 
  • You can watch the entire video that includes each step of the project first, which we recommended, so you know what to expect beforehand.
  • The membership provides you the ability to ask questions to our training experts and within the community, as well as share pictures to help us answer your questions.
  • Complete as many projects as you want on your own timeline! 
  • You can learn from other member’s questions and projects. 
  • Videos are offered for all levels, from beginner to expert. The range of videos offered allows you to continue to learn and grow in your craft.

Cons to Online Classes:

  • You must have internet with a good connection to access the videos. 
  • Answers to questions aren’t always immediate and could be delayed depending on the time of day. 

Pros of In-Person Classes: 

  • The instructor can see your project and guide you if you are doing something incorrectly and help you in real-time.
  • Students can see other students’ projects and learn from each other
  • You can make in-person connections with people interested in Upholstery

finished re-upholstered chair

Cons to In-Person Classes:

  • You are bound to the class days and times that are offered, which can be inconvenient. 
  • If your project isn’t finished when the class ends the instructor isn’t there to help. 
  • If you are working on a project at home and forget a step, you have no one to guide you or instructions to refer back to.  
  • You can only work on one project at a time. 

As you read through these pros and cons of both online upholstery classes vs. in-person classes, the value and benefits of online classes are huge! As skilled upholstery training experts, we have helped thousands of beginners gain confidence and learn the ins and outs of upholstery. We’ve also helped hundreds of professionals in the field perfect and advance their skills, all through our online membership classes.

If you are still unsure about online classes in lieu of hands-on instruction, read what some of our students are saying!

“I CAN DO THIS. You can learn upholstery online! I was reluctant to become a member, because I never thought someone could teach upholstery online. Wow, was I ever wrong. The 1st introductory videos were very informative and detailed for a complete novice like myself. Thanks Kim.” – She Studios

“Kim’s Upholstery is fabulous!  She is a great teacher.  Her videos are very well done and useful.  I would strongly recommend Kim’s Upholstery to anyone interested in this craft – either beginners or those more experienced as she is a wealth of knowledge!” – Connie C.

“The ONLY way to learn upholstery online!  Thank you Kim and Bill for sharing your expertise!  Your classes and videos offer so much for anyone interested in upholstery at every level.  Looking forward to renewing my subscription and continuing to learn!” – Sharri 

online upholstery classes v. in-person classes - the pros and cons

If you have any questions about our online classes or the membership, I would love to hear from you. I invite you to contact me here.

Kim’s Upholstery is all about helping and equipping others to learn the art of upholstery for pleasure, and if they want, enabling them to create an income for themselves – all on their own schedule! 

Join our online membership and start learning when and where you like!

See you on the inside, Kim