Hands On Upholstery Workshop

3-Day Hands-On Upholstery Workshop

Are you ready to learn more upholstery skills?  Has your addiction to upholstery gotten you wanting more?  If you answered yes to these questions I have just the class for you.   In this hands-on upholstery, class limited to 6 students, you will get the opportunity to dive into a project and hone those skills you are struggling with.  This class will be intense and fast-paced but together we will get the job done.  Email (kimberley@kimsupholstery.com) me pictures of the chair you would like to tackle and let’s get you signed up and ready for teardown.


3 Day Hands-On Upholstery Workshop Details 

Limited to 6 students

  • Upholstery Workshop duration is 3 days (by the end of 3 days your project will be mostly completed, but this depends on you)
  • Cost is $600 (50% non-refundable payment due upon registration to hold your spot) (Balance due 4 weeks prior to Workshop)
  • Your specific chair MUST be pre-approved by Kim (see below)
  • Tear down of chair needs to be done prior to start of workshop
  • Students will come prepared with their own fabric for the project
  • Sessions will run 8:00 am to 4/4:30 pm – with a 1-hour break for lunch
  • You will need to come with all necessary supplies for your project (see below)
  • Cushions are not part of this upholstery workshop

Prior to this hands-on small chair upholstery workshop, students are required to submit a picture of the desired project they would like to work on for approval by email to Kimberley@kimsupholstery.com.  I will advise on supplies for your chosen project piece once it has been approved for the workshop.  Fabric yardage can be determined by watching the “Measuring for Fabric Yardage” video which is available in the Free Membership.  Projects chosen need to be appropriate for this 3-day upholstery workshop.  By attending this workshop you agree to allow Kim’s upholstery to take photos or video of you for marketing and promotional purposes.

Final Payment is due 4 weeks prior to Workshop.

Supplies you will need for this Hands-On Upholstery Workshop will vary based on your chair but below you will find a basic list. Tools will be available for use during the class.  I do suggest you bring your favorite scissors with you.

BASIC UPHOLSTERY SUPPLIES – (may vary depending on your project piece)

  • Bonded Upholstery Dacron 54″ Wide by 1 oz.
  • 1 roll upholstery cotton (natural or synthetic is fine)
  • Foam(depending on piece)
  • Jute Webbing –Red stripe
  • Ruby Jute spring tying twine
  • Edge roll ( 1 ¼” for deck) Other sizes depending on piece
  • Button Twine
  • Deck Fabric
  • Burlap
  • 5/32 welt cord (Make your cording prior to class)
  • Muslin or scrap fabrics
  • Upholstery Thread to match fabric
  • Fabric –Pattern matching is allowed in this Advanced Class
  • Curve Ease (Medium)
  • Metal Tack Strip

Day One

Arrival – Students arrive between 8:00 am and 8:30 am.

Introductions – Once everyone’s projects are unloaded and set up, we take a few minutes to visit and get to know one another.

Getting Started – Then it’s time to start upholstering.

What to Expect on Day One – By the end of day one, spring systems are in place and the deck or seat of your chair is completed. Depending on the style of your chair the inside arms may also be underway.

Lunch Time – At 12:30 pm we take a 1-hour break

Quitting Time – Expect to end the day between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm

Day two , Start at 8:30am

What to Expect on Day Two – Today is the day we get the insides of our projects completed and some students may even start on the outside arms.

This is the “dig in and get-it-done day” in order to reach the finish line on the final day.

During day two the bonds between the students have formed and there is usually lots of lively discussion and laughter.

By the end of day two everyone is usually tired, but more importantly, feeling very proud of all they have accomplished.

Lunch Time – At 12:30 pm we take a 1-hour break

Quitting Time – Expect to end the day between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm

Day Threee, Start at 8:30am

What to Expect on Day Three – It’s the last day and often times we will be finished mid-afternoon…but that is not always the case.

On day 3 we finish up the outsides and attend to those little details that some pieces have, such as attaching double welt, adding decorative tacks, or hand stitching.

We may also address the unexpected details that a student might have decided to add to their piece.

Today you leave with a piece you can be proud of!

Lunch Time – At 12:30 pm we take a 1-hour break

Quitting Time – Expect to end the day no later than 4:00 pm


Contact Information:

Kim – email: kimberley@kimsupholstery.com

or phone   1- 413-772-0013

Lodging options:

Brandt House B&B

Poetry Ride B&B

Hampton Inn

See you in Greenfield,


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