Slipcover Hands-On Workshop March 2018

Workshop Details – Chair Slipcover

  • 6 students per workshop
  • Workshop duration is 2 days (Your projects should be completed depending on you.)
  • Cost is $465 (50% non-refundable payment due  upon registration to hold your spot)
  • Project approval by Kim is required
  • Students will come prepared with their own fabric (if you plan to wash your slipcover in the future, you will need to prewash your fabric) 
  • Pre-make your welt cord to save time in class as well
  • Sessions will run 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with an hour for lunch
  • Supplies will be available for purchase or you may bring your own 
  • Tools will be available for use
  • No large repeat fabric, fabrics that you can be comfortable learning with
  • Cushions may not be completed unless time allows

BASIC TOOLS Available for use

  • Pins
  • Scissors(I suggest you bring your favorite scissors but label them)
  • Tape Measure (soft cloth)
  • Sewing Machines
  • Cutting Tables


  • Decorator Fabric
  • Welt Cord
  • Thread
  • Zippers (White/Beige/Black)

Prior to workshop students will need to submit a picture of the desired project they would like to work on by email to  I will advise on fabric yardages needed to complete your chosen project piece once it has been approved for the workshop.  I want students to choose a piece appropriate for the workshop so they can have a chance to complete the project during the 2-day session.  This will also make it fair to other students as well.

Final Payment is due two weeks prior to the workshop.

See you soon,