Enjoy our LIVE videos where I share how I upholstered this Eastlake Chair

Reupholstering An Eastlake Chair

I love the pieces you can find in Facebook marketplace, don’t you?  I purchased 3 small chairs for $70 and this little cutie was one of them.  I’m thinking they would look nice around a dining room table.  If you are new to upholstery this is a great DIY beginner project.  I always suggest starting with a piece that teaches you several skills but does not leave you overwhelmed or frustrated.  You may find this video talking about “picking your first upholstery project” helpful in choosing that perfect DIY upholstery project.

The fabrics I used for this project are from Greenhouse Fabrics you can find the links below.  I painted the frame before reupholstering the piece and used Rustoleum chalk paint.  Some of you may not like painted pieces but this is the look I was going for.  The piece still needs its double welt and then this Eastlake chair will ready for company.

Velvet: B6921-Mediterranean

Floral: B6917 Serenity

How to Reupholster an Eastlake Chair Part 1 – Kim’s Upholstery Live

How to reupholster an Eastlake Chair – Part 2 –  Kim’s Upholstery Live

Part 2 Eastlake Chair Reupholstery

Join me as I get the fabric on the seat and get started on the inside back of the East Lake Chair. Bring your upholstery and soft furnishings questions. Please invite your friends to join too. See you tomorrow February 20 at 12:30

Posted by Kim's Upholstery on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to Reupholster an Eastlake Chair Part 3 – Kim’s Upholstery Live

Eastlake Chair Part 3

Join Kim today as she continues upholstering this Eastlake chair. Watch as she adds the fabric and padding to the inside back of the chair. Ask your upholstery and soft furnishings questions as she moves along with this project.

Posted by Kim's Upholstery on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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