Do you like change?

I have always jumped at the opportunity for change and I love a new challenge

Well, the last year was one of those times that I had the opportunity to take on the challenges and jumped at the opportunity of change. 

  • I had to postpone my hands-on workshops
  • We sold our house
  • We bought a new house
  • Sold our commercial building
  • And began revamping our membership site to Kim’s Upholstery 4.0!

Four Changes in less than a year!

In January 2020 I posted our workshops for the year which sold out within a few weeks.  Then, fast forward two months, well we all know what happened.  The world was in a state of caution as we were experiencing a virus that was new and the effects were unknown.  So doing the right thing for everyone’s safety I reached out to our hostesses and postponed the 2020 workshops. Our online membership has been helping all of those who wanted to still move forward with learning upholstery while we waited for hands-on workshops.   Most of these workshops have been rescheduled and I am looking forward to seeing students again later this year. (They are still sold out… sorry)

Not to worry though as 2022 will be the year that will bring us back together with MORE workshops!!  And The 3rd Upholstery MeetUp

2021 Upholstery Workshops Near Me Kims Upholstery

 I know from all the emails and messages I receive that we are all missing the hands-on workshops and our time together.

Bill and I had also been preparing our house to sell for about 8 months prior to 2020 grr.  Now, what to do?  Well, we decided to move forward with the plan, and in June our home was under contract!  Being a true DIYer I sold it myself on Zillow.  The experience was stressful, fun, exhausting, and exhilarating.  Did I mention that I LOVE A CHALLENGE?  

Time to pack up and be ready to go!

The next adventure was to find the perfect home for us and a great place to enjoy time with family and friends.  If you don’t know Bill and I love the outdoors.  Playing in the woods, watching nature, and exploring.   So within a few days of having our house under contract, we made an offer on the perfect house.  This home was set on nearly 9 acres in the country with woods all around.  Now our move was really going to kick into high gear.  Have you ever had to pack up years of memories, furniture, and all the other stuff you accumulate? Yep still loving the challenge and changes ahead, Bill not so much as far as the packing lol.

My heart is full of joy and my spirit is happy here in the country!

Stitch and Pearl Love it here too!

My favorite thing in our new home is to just sit quietly and listen to the birds and squirrels chattering to one another.

We were settling in nicely to our new home.   We had moved some of my studio things so we could also work from home.  Out of the blue, we were approached by someone who was interested in our commercial building where Kim’s Upholstery had lived for almost 5 years.  Having enough room for the studio in our new house we decided to go for it and 22 Riddell Street would now become the new home of Burning Heart Yoga and Pilates.  Did I mention that meant more packing and moving….. Not the fun part but it forces you to clean out!  Still loving all the changes going on in our world and embracing the new adventures ahead.

 Our Membership Gets A New Look – KIM’S UPHOLSTERY 4.0

We moved at the beginning of September, closed on our business space in early February and now we were in the midst of revamping our membership site.  This was a very exciting time.  We were making changes that would give our members a new and better experience.  If you manage a website you know how exacting you must be with these types of changes.  Creating a new member portal that can grow with you, make members’ experience great, and is easy for members to navigate.   Did I mention we had over 350 individual videos to upload?  Still loving the challenges!  So Bill and I spent weeks preparing everything for the new platform and testing everything.  Kinda like measure 3 times cut once.  Well, we tested everything over and over again to make sure it was just right. 

Kim's Upholstery Membership Library

The feedback from our members has been fantastic and we could not be happier with the results!

Now the new year is well underway and I don’t think we will be making any more major changes.  We have nailed down a few dates for those workshops that had been postponed and are starting to plan our 2022 schedule.  As for the 3rd Upholstery MeetUp, we have picked a date, April 21-22, 2022 soon!!  All your emails have been so heartwarming and I can’t wait until we get together again.   I miss you all!

See you on the inside