Upholstery Is Up In Arms About Learning

Are upholsterers ready for a fight?

Fist Bump!  Calm down, I didn’t mean to get you in a tizzy, but the look on your face did make me chuckle.  There are no battles being started here. instead, I want to teach you some upholstery skills and today it’s all about upholstery arms on your furniture. Yes today you’ll get an arm up to hone your upholstery skills ( I love a good pun don’t you..lol)

Rolled Arm With Con-Cave

Arm Panel

Wingback Chair Rolled Arm with Con-cave Arm Front and Panel

No More Wrinkles Please!

The newest video, “Rolled Arm With Con-cave Arm Panel”, is one of many arm styles students have told me that they struggled with.  This video specifically addresses how to get a smooth finish on the inside arm fabric near the front where I know you get frustrated.  Oh, and let’s not forget that dreaded curved ARM PANEL that gets you so discouraged. We have all experienced those dreaded wrinkles that seem relentless on curved arm panels.  You know the wrinkles I mean?  While watching this video pay close attention to how I tension the fabric methodically around the panel to avoid the awkward pull you often times see at the curve and how smoothly the fabric lays even after the panel is attached to the arm.  The way you manipulate the fabric while you are upholstering has a lot to do with what it looks like when you are finished. Sometimes too tight causes unsightly dimples, but not tight enough makes the fabric look sloppy. Knowing where to pull first can make a big difference.  Pay attention as you work with the fabric because it does talk to you and will tell exactly what it needs if you are listening.

Look at the different style  upholstery arms on these chairs

Don’t forget to ask me and your peer’s upholstery questions

Helping you get that project done is why we have created dozens of videos here in our membership and are continually creating more.  I don’t see a video on my chair? You don’t have a video on my couch, can you make one for me? These are just a few of the questions I receive on a weekly basis. Before you get yourself stressed out take a look around.  You’ll see many tutorials that answer your questions even if it doesn’t look like your project at first glance. Your’s may be a Wingback chair but do you see that the Antique Rolled Arm Club Chair has the same arm as your piece?  And did you notice that even though you have a love seat the Club Chair with English Arms has the same details you’re looking for? We’ve designed our videos to enable you to learn at your own pace, stop and start the videos as often as you need.  Don’t forget to ask me and your peer’s questions in our membership community whenever you find yourself stuck or in need of a second set of eyes.

Keep sharing your projects and let me help you hone your skills…. You guys Rock and I love seeing your beautiful projects.

See you on the inside, Kim
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Some work by our students who were learning

How To Upholster in a hands-on workshop

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