Thanks, Greenhouse Fabrics for donating this teal velvet for our chair!

Brighter colors make upholstery that much more fun!

If you follow me at all you know by now that I am by no means afraid of color!  The brighter the colors, the happier I am. This chair was originally a typical dark brown stain and to me was just a bit on the drab side.  

Bright is an understatement for this color green

When I was choosing paint colors I already had the fabrics picked out.  Lime Green was definitely a bold choice. I used General Finishes on this project.  Having never used their products before I looked forward to giving it a go. I order the paint from Amazon and the color was just awesome and looked exactly like the picture!!   I found the General Finishes great to work and the paint coverage was good. One thing to keep in mind is this paint has a longer curing time so paint your frame a few weeks before you plan to put the piece to use.  

What skills do you have in your toolbox?

We used this project to create a training video that would help answer some of the questions we often receive.  Round backs such as the one here tend to be difficult if you don’t have the right skills in your toolbox. During the filming, I couldn’t help but be excited to see the end result.  Creating training videos is a lot of fun, and a lot of work, but when you are working with such great colors it makes it even better.

Are you really putting those together????

The upholstery fabrics used for this picture back chair are from Greenhouse Fabrics. The floral upholstery fabric is A9721 Bermuda that I had purchased a while back and the velvet on the seat is pattern B6921 Mediterranean which Greenhouse Fabrics generously donated to be used for our upholstery tutorial. I chose the floral first and then picked the teal upholstery velvet to use with the floral.  Originally I had planned to paint the chair a teal as well but when I saw the lime green paint and how the color pulled the green from the floral I knew they needed to be together.  Mixing prints and colors can be intimidating but if you love it that is all that matters. Bill thought I had lost it when he saw the lime green but now he loves the picture back chair as much as I do.

When I walk by this chair I can’t help but smile and I know as you watch the video you will be smiling too!

See you on the inside, Kim
Picture Back Chair Whimsy project