This was a fun DIY upcycle recycle upholstery project

When I found this drawer at Rustic Romance I just had to have it. Between the unique feature of the open front and the beautiful patina of the wood I knew it was mine. If you know me upcycling old into new recycled treasures is what makes me a true DIYer.

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Recycled Drawer Cat Bed

Cat Bed/Ottoman!

This old drawer was soon to become a fun cat bed. Finding a cat motif fabric from Revolutions Fabrics was a win-win. Not only was it a performance fabric but I just loved the whimsy of the cat print,

Steps To Creating A One Of A Kind Upcycled Recycled Drawer Cat Bed

  • Find an awesome drawer (You can always cut an opening in the front yourself)
  • Pick a perfect fabric 
  • Paint the inside of the drawer to give it a fresh look
  • Upholster the outsides 
  • Cut a piece of plywood for the top that overhangs just a bit on 3 sides (the front of the drawer was higher than the sides)
  • Cover the top with 1” foam and 1 ounce Dacron
  • Staple my fabric to the top(cover) of the recycled drawer
  • Add to cross pieces so my drawer top fits snugly.
  • A little catnip encourages Stitch and Pearl to give it a try!

Not only is this a cat bed but it is a multi-purpose upcycled recycled drawer that can be used as a footstool or a bench for the grandkids.

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If you love recycling don’t forget to check out Rustic Romance in Millers Falls MA.  Tell Cindy I sent you!

See you on the inside, Kim