Kim's Upholstery Dressmakers skirt

Now that you’ve done a few basic projects and you want to kick it up a notch by adding a bit more glamour to your piece. A beautiful dressmaker skirt might be the answer. Formal but not too much, stylish (definitely), and oh so much fun to create.

Don’t worry if someone decides to lift your skirt, as the underside is fully dressed too.

Here is what you will learn in our newest online class tutorial

“How To Add A Dressmakers Skirt To Your Upholstery Project”

  • Measure and cut out the fabric for your deck front

  • Measure for the back of your deck

  • Measure the front of the deck for your front skirt

  • Measure the sides of your T-deck for the skirt side piece (you’ll need 2)

  • Cut two flap pieces to go between the front and side skirt pieces (I cut my flaps to finish at 8” wide)

  • Sew the skirt pieces with their lining

  • Planning your miters

  • Next, pin the miters for your deck face

  • Now sew all the miters you’ve just created attaching the skirt and deck front

  • Sew on your back deck and head to the chair to attach them all to your frame

  • Don’t forget to plan your cuts around the arm post carefully ( you will be cutting two separate layers)

  • Attach your outside arm skirt at the top

  • Now add your base cloth

  • Bring your skirt piece down and attach part way to the outside back

  • Attach to the front arm post

You’ll notice the outside fabrics on our club chair are one piece that creates the skirt. Talk about one and done! This method makes closing up a piece quicker than most other skirt styles.

One last skirt section and this chair will be finished!

Just like with our outside arms, the outside back is also the skirt. Don’t forget to add your flaps so we don’t expose any bare legs ; ).

  • Attach your outside back skirt and base cloth

  • Add your corner flaps

  • Hand tack the flaps and skirt cuts

  • Close up the sides above your flap

Woohoo, we are done! Now wasn’t that a fun style skirt?

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