Cushions are not only comfortable but they are a great statement for any room!

Creating cushions from a template is a doable proposition.  When using this technique you need to communicate fully with the person creating the template.  Having good pictures of the space the cushion is for will also come in handy and may prompt questions that were not thought of initially.  This curved cushion above was local so making a template was something I could do myself, with a helper.  Bill and I brought painter’s tape, pencils, scissors, and brown paper for the task.  The painter’s tape would help hold the paper in place but not damage the client’s painted surfaces.  Getting the angles and knowing where to make the break in the separate cushions was discussed while the paper was still taped down.  This allowed us to mark everything properly to ensure a perfectly fitted cushion.

The bench cushion below is one of many cushions we did for clients that lived too far away for us to make a template or get the measures ourselves.  Good communication with the client guaranteed an end result that was pleasing to us and the client.  Again we were supplied with pictures of the bench to avoid any unforeseen issues.  This one was pretty straight forward.

Long Distance Cushion

Do you need help with pattern-matching your cushions?

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The antique bench you see here was a very unusual combination of shapes.  With proper planning and templates, we were able to get the exact fit the first time.  Stripes added another detail to the project as matching the pattern from one cushion to the next is necessary for custom work.  This bench was a 2-hour drive and a 2-hour boat ride away so making a second trip would not have been ideal.

Custom Cushions and Pillows for an Antique bench

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