Learn How I Upholstered This Club Chair LIVE on Facebook

Club Chairs are a fun DIY upholstery project.

In our first video, we begin the teardown process for this fancy-style club chair and as we always say, Your education begins with teardown. follow along as we begin the journey of reupholstering a chair.

In Part 2 of reupholstering we begin upholstering the deck of this fancy-style club chair. We are using a teal chenille fabric from #greenhousefabric for the insides of our chair. Watch as we reupholster this piece.

In Part 3 I continue upholstering our Fancy Club chair starting with the inside arms. I will be adding the support webbing, burlap, padding, and the finished fabric.

In Part 4 we continue upholstering and I will be attaching the inside arms of our fancy-style club chair.

Part 5 Fancy Club Chair Upholstery I will be adding the padding to the inside back of the chair.  I am also planning to add a few contrast buttons which we will add in Part 6!

Part 6 Fancy-Style Club Chair Upholstery I will be adding the fabric to the inside back.

In Part 7 of upholstering our fancy-style club chair, I will add the boxing detail to the inside back and begin closing up the outside of the chair.

Today in Part 8 of upholstering our fancy-style club chair I will finish adding the CurveEase (PlyGrip) and continue closing up the outsides.

Today in Part 9 I will finish up with the diamond fabric on the outside of our chair. We will discuss how I decided to semi-match the pattern between the outside arm and the outside back.  This fabric pattern match had some challenges but I think you’ll like what I decided to do.

See you on the inside, Kim