Leather hearts and linen fabric made the perfect combination for my DIY pillow!

It only took a yard of linen and a few leftover scraps of red leather to make these fun pillows.  (of course, you could use any type of fabric)

How to make this simple DIY Pillow design for your home

  • Cut main pillow fabric to 19″ square (2 for each pillow)
  • Create a heart template using paper fold in half, as you did as a child in school
  • Transfer your heart shape to the red leather
  • Place your heart slightly above the center (top to bottom)  so when your pillow sits it will look more centered
  • I used a double-sided tape on the back of my leather to hold it in place
  • Using a wider stitch length on my sewing machine I sewed in about 1/4″ from the edge of my heart all the way around (I started near the bottom point)
  • Once you’ve sewn your heart to the pillow front now it’s time to add your zipper (or you can hand stitch closed).
  • With right sides together and  your zipper is already sewn to the front and back it’s now time to sew around the other three sides ( I use a half-inch seam allowance)
  • Next, turn your pillow cover right side out and topstitch around the three sides (not on the zipper which is in the bottom)
  • I sewed in 3/8″ from the edge to create my little flange

I used an industrial Juki DNU 1541s walking foot for my project. Be sure to choose fabrics that will work with your sewing machine and have some fun.

Happy sewing and I hope you’ll tag me on Facebook sharing your DIY pillow project.

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See you on the inside, Kim