Whats all the Blab about?

A Blab is a live streaming conversation where four people can have a live video chat while an audience watches and often joins in by asking  questions and making comments.Kim poses for Blab pics  It is our wish to use the Blab.im platform to communicate with  the membership of our Online Upholstery Classes here at Kim’s Upholstery. Have a question about something you saw in one of our videos? Need to know where to get your supplies? Want to know how we go about our business? Not sure what tool to use? Why not join us for a live  session and ask your questions. Hop in live and talk in person in real time or type your question in to the chat box and we will answer them as we go. Here I have  included a short clip of our first Blab with a few friends.
We were discussing the tools we use to upholster furniture. 

If Blab peaks your interest why not join us Tuesday November 17  at 7pm Eastern Standard Time for our bi-weekly Upholstery And Soft Home Furnishings Blab. To actively participate you must have a free Blab account.  To watch only, just navigate to Blab.im and search for our On Air Blab at 7Pm EST and click on  Watch Now in the video player. If you miss this one check back the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm EST for new topics we will be discussing.

Blab scheduled for 11/17/2015 7PM

Our first schuled Blab

Please join Bill and I along with our special guest Laurie Medford,  on Blab.im so we can get to know you and have some fun.