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Victorian Chair Repair


Kim And I were recently hired to re-upholster and repair  a couple of Victorian Chairs that were used as part of a wedding ceremony.  One of the chairs  was  very loose and in rough shape. As I began to tear the old fabric off the chair it was starting to look like the fabric was about the only thing holding this chair together. Most of  the joints were loose, some of the wood in areas where Kim  needed […]

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Filming a new Craftsy class in Denver

Visiting Denver was a new adventure in so many ways.
A few months ago I was contacted by a member of the Craftsy Team and asked if I would be interested in being one of their Instructors…… let me think, YES!  I was both excited and honored to be asked to join their team of wonderful instructors.  If your not familiar with Craftsy, they offer a huge array of topics for those […]

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Are your Cushions Measuring Up?

 “How do I measure for my cushion?”
I often get asked “how do I measure for my cushions?”.  So today I decided to put the answer in a blog post.  Once you have the piece you want to make a cushion for it’s easy to determine the size of your finished cushion. Using measurements right from the chair we can decide our yardage and the cut piece sizes you will need.  So lets get started.
 Measuring your chair to make […]

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Succeed In Your Upholstery Business!

 Succeed in your upholstery business, Some simple advice.
Would you like to succeed in your upholstery business ?

Here’s my advice, Do What You Say You Are Going To Do,  and follow good business practices. Kim and I have been doing well in our upholstery business for over 19 years. Let me give  you our 5 best secrets.


1.  Answer your phone!  It’s one of the simplest things you can do. So many times we hear the client on the other […]

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Learn To Upholster This Wingback Settee

Wingback Settee
Every wingback has it’s own little challenges.  Over the years I have done 100’s of wing back chairs and each time I do one there is a new challenge or detail to consider.  The shape of the wings vary, the height of the back changes, and on and on.  This particular piece was a settee style wing back and it had decorative nail heads on the perimeter of the outside wings, outside arm and […]

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Upholstery Classes

Learn to upholster at home with Online Upholstery Classes 
Learn to upholster at home with Online Upholstery Classes and turn that shabby furniture into a show piece your friends will envy. BE CAREFUL THOUGH because soon people will be asking you to upholster furniture for them. That’s what happened to me 18 years ago.

Hi I’m Kim CHAGNON co founder of Kim’s upholstery.
21 years ago I decided I wanted to reupholster a sofa that we had.

I started searching […]

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