We’ve come a long way baby!

22 Riddell Street

Wow, when I look back and see how far we’ve come I am excited, exhausted, humbled and proud.

If anyone had told me over 21 years ago that I would be where I am today I would have said that they were dreaming and a bit crazy for their thoughts.

Twenty one years ago my children were  7 & 8 years old and I was a full time stay at home mom!  That was the career I loved and my children have always been my world.

My journey in the world of upholstery all started out of necessity.  Our well loved couch needed help badly.  So being a risk taker and loving a challenge I set out to do just that. Soon after I started working on projects for my first clients right in the middle of our dining room and sometimes living room.  Some of you know that feeling, right?  At the end of the day you put the room back together as much as you can and your family life goes on.  Next project comes in and you re jig your space again.   The second workspace was Bill’s son’s bedroom when he moved out and headed to college.  This room was smaller than the dining area, but at the end of the day I could close the door and not disrupt my family.

“The day Bill looked into the garage where I was working away on furniture while he sat in the rain working on his Chevy, was the day we both knew this addiction I had was truly a second job.”

Fast forward a couple years to when Bill needed a space for building Ultra Light Air Craft and to work on an old 1938 Chevy truck that he wanted to restore.  So at this point we decided to build a 2 bay garage that was 28′ X 36′ and had a second story.  Soon Bill’s hobby took a back seat and the garage became an upholstery workshop!  The day Bill looked into the garage, where I was working a way on furniture while he sat in the rain working on his Chevy, was the day we both knew this addiction I had was truly a second job. Oh and in this time frame Bill quit his job and we became an unstoppable upholstery team!

Working in our garage workshop

In 2007 we moved our home and business to a more visible location.  The workspace was not as nice as the garage but the visibility with 1200 cars an hour passing by was priceless.  The workspace in our new location was a walkout basement that had its pro’s and con’s but for 10 years we made it work and our business continued to grow.  During this time we also grew our online presence and I began teaching at conferences, traveling to teach hands-on workshops, and offering online classes as our main educational offering also most recently online tutorials from other soft home furnishings industry experts.

We moved and continued working in our basement

So what is this New Era you ask?  

Most of you know that in July of 2016 we moved our business out of the house for the first time ever.  This new space located at 22 Riddell Street in Greenfield opened up more opportunity and great working conditions.  We now had a space to host local educational events such as our workshops and a much better space to create upholstery and soft home furnishings video content for our online membership.  

At this time our educational offerings are rapidly becoming more than 50% of our business and I have found my true passion in teaching others.  The New Era is that we have now purchased 22 Riddell Street and it will be the forever home of Kim’s Upholstery and all that the future brings! (Maybe I should not say forever, who knows what the future will bring!)

Our new space!

We owe this great success to you are loyal clients.  We have helped many of you as our retail upholstery and soft home furnishings clients.  But the latest explosion of our business is those who are starting their journey in the world of upholstery, our students.  Bill and I are both excited to see your stories develop and help you to reach your dreams the same way you have helped us reach ours!

With all our love for your support in our business for the past 21 years,

 – Kim and Bill Chagnon