Creative minds and those working in a creative skill, like upholstery, oftentimes work alone. It is the nature of the work. However, it is so nice to get away at least once a year and network with other creatives in the same space!  As an educator, I see the need for networking with our peers. It is how many of us learn new skills and grow in our craft. While our online membership community provides the ability to ask questions and network virtually, there really is something about an in-person connection that cannot be replaced. Members of our upholstery community have the ability to meet their peers through attending Upholstery Meetups! These annual events are always so much fun and full of learning and networking. 

Attending Upholstery Meetups

Attending Upholstery Meetups

Those that attend, take advantage of the opportunity to learn about new vendors and new products in the industry. The vendors are always generous with their time and sharing of information.  The businesses we tour always go above and beyond my wildest expectations. The pride as an entrepreneur is something you have to experience and really can’t be described.  Being welcomed by others in the community and feeling like you are where you belong is a feeling I want everyone to experience.

learning from vendors at an annual upholstery meetup
Attending upholstery meetups and meeting vendors
upholstery vendors from upholstery meetup events

Organized by an Industry Expert

I, Kim Chagnon of Kim’s Upholstery, organize the events for my membership community. With 20+ years of experience in the industry, I have created many meaningful, trusted relationships with others in the industry and have become a trusted name in both upholstery and instruction. As a result we’ve had some truly amazing vendors welcome us into their space and share their knowledge with us! 

Kim of Kim's upholstery at annual upholstery meetup

Here are vendors we’ve had in the past:

vendors from upholstery meetups
women with products from vendor from annual upholstery meetups

Each of these upholstery meetups were amazing in their own way. I left with a new perspective and drive to make next year’s event just as amazing! This year I am thrilled to announce our  4th Annual Upholstery Meetup in Fort Wayne, IN. You do not want to miss it! 

The main vendor and tour will be Sailrite! At their facility, they will break us into groups of about 20.  These smaller group sizes will allow them to give us a more in-depth tour of their facility.  After the tour, Sailrite attendees will be able to shop! That is always a fun time! In addition, Sailrite is sponsoring a lunch for our group immediately following the tours. I told you they really go above and beyond to make these meetups a wonderful experience.

Sailrite building where attendees will tour at this year annual upholstery meetup

Day two will be at the Grand Wayne Convention Center!  Lunch is included in your registration fee! During this time, you will listen to discussions, ask and answer questions, and meet others who share your same interests and passions. That is my favorite part of these events – the conversations and oftentimes the deep friendships formed. 

friendships formed at upholstery meetup
group picture from attending upholstery meetups

Over the last several decades upholsterers from around the country have had few opportunities to connect and collaborate. Today, through Kim’s Upholstery online community, the next generation of upholsterers will have that opportunity. I hope you will join us for 2-days of bonding and learning and attend our 4th annual upholstery meetup! 

Join us in Fort Wayne IN, for a fun-filled 2-day Upholstery Meetup on May 3-4, 2023!