Over the years, we’ve met thousands of amazing people and helped them learn upholstery. Our valued community members have continued to grow in their skills and confidence. Learning upholstery + slipcovers is easy when you have the right tools and people at your side.

The individuals featured in today’s blog, started out as DIYers and small business owners like many of you reading this! As they went through the online classes or attended in-person workshops, they continued to learn and improve. I am pleased to report that many members who were once beginners, now have their own successful businesses. Many are also teaching others how to upholster through their own hands-on classes and offerings.

Each of these members had a strong desire to learn and used all of the many tools at their disposal from Kim’s Upholstery.  Many of these former beginners are still valuable members in our online community. They are always sharing their own experiences, tips, and advice with new members.

Are you interested in learning upholstery + slipcovers? Maybe it is something you’ve thought about, but never put into action. Whether you want to learn for fun or to possibly start your own business one day, everything you need to know is in membership. Here is a glimpse of what is possible!

The Lives We’ve Touched

Carly Melancon – Desert Canary Design

This talented woman turned her hobby into a business, Desert Canary Design, after becoming a member of our online classes. Now she is a successful business owner transforming furniture into works of art for her clients and living out her dreams. She is still an active member in our online classes for over 5 years now!

“I will forever be a member of Kim’s Upholstery I started out with simple DIY projects around the house and joining this membership in 2017 was that catalyst that helped turn a hobby into a passion into life’s purpose… I will always ALWAYS be grateful for Bill and Kim Chagnon bringing upholstery training online If you’re interested in dabbling in upholstery, even if it’s just for projects for yourself and around the house, I 100% recommend joining!”

Carly Melancon, Desert Canary Design
kim's upholstery members fellowship after workshop

Bethany Wheaton – Plymouth Upholstery and Decor

Bethany joined our membership community over 6 years ago to expanded her canvas business, Plymouth Upholstery and Decor. After taking our online classes to learn new skills, Bethany’s successful business now includes furniture upholstery and slipcovers.  She continues to perfect those skills and learn new ones through our online classes, workshops, and even private training from Kim’s Upholstery! As an ongoing member, she knows the value and knowledge that we provide is priceless.

“I found Kim’s Upholstery training 2 years ago while looking for help with boat upholstery. I knew immediately I was meant to do furniture upholstery. Six months later I opened a workroom and started taking a few easy jobs. Less than 2 years after starting my training with Kim’s Upholstery, I quit my full time job to pursue upholstery as a permanent career.”

Bethany Wheaton, Plymouth Upholstery & Decor

Rhonda Shanahan- The Whimsical Chair

Rhonda has been a member for 7 years! She became a member a year after starting her business as she wanted to further expand her skills in upholstery. Her business, The Whimsical Chair took off after she became hooked finishing her first upholstery project! She continues to hone her craft by taking and hosting several hands-on workshops, as well as continuing to take online classes. Rhonda is further expanding her business to teach hands-on classes in Colorado!

View Rhonda’s upcoming workshops today!

The Whimsical Chair Workshops

Deanna Gilmore – Sewphisticated Upholstery

Deanna, owner of Sewphisticated Upholstery, started her business and became a member in the same year! 5 years later she is still going strong in her business and in our online community, taking both in-person workshops and online training. We love that our online class members like Deana and so many others have taken the time to up their skills and give custom upholstery a reputation of quality and style!

Nancy Sargent – Cobani Bleu

A few years after starting her business, Cobani Bleu, Nancy joined our membership to expand her skills to more advanced projects like tufting and pattern matching.  Nancy sees the value in learning from others as we all have different ways of doing things, and something new can always be learned. She continues to perfect her skills as a valued member for over 3 years, and is now taking what she has learned and passing it on to others through her hands-on classes in Tennessee

See what workshops and trainings she has available!

Cobani Bleu Upholstery Workshops

Diana Hershey – DBH Designs

Diana expanded her window treatment business, DBH Designs, which stands for Dreams Brought Home, to include upholstery after joining our online classes. She is still a member after 7 years! As many other successful entrepreneurs mentioned above, she continues to take and host several advanced hands-on workshops in addition to our online classes.

“Thankfully, I came across Kim’s Upholstery.  Kim is devoted to taking the time to understand your needs and dedicated to your success and finding new ways to support you.  She is also an incredible instructor and mentor, totally committed to teaching and improving your upholstery skills.”

Diana Hershey, DBH Designs

What do all of these inspiring women have in common? Many things actually, but the thing that stands out most to me is that they aren’t afraid to learn new things and they continue to learn and grow. Their hard work and dedication are paying off as they continue to run successful, thriving businesses, and teach others what they’ve learned.

If you are someone who has been wanting to learn upholstery and slipcovers, or start your own creative business in the industry, I invite you to contact me.  

Kim’s Upholstery is all about helping and equipping others to learn the art of upholstery for pleasure, and if they want, enabling them to create an income for themselves – all on their own schedule! 

Join our online membership and start learning when and where you like!

See you on the inside, Kim