As I look through the many emails I receive asking about upholstery class and event dates,  I am sad to say that 2015 will not bring another Sewing and Upholstery Retreat.  That’s not to say there won’t be one in the future years.  I really did have a great time planning and organizing the Sewing and Upholstery Retreat in 2014.  One of the best parts was meeting all of you, but things happen that cause you to move in another direction.

Upholstery Class WorkshopWhile my co-founder of the SUR has decided to take on a new adventure for 2015/2016, so I have decide to do more workshop style upholstery classes.

In May of 2014 I held a 3 day upholstery class workshop here in my own shop.  The students were a mother and two daughters.  We had a fabulous 3 days with lots of laughter and of course accomplishments.  Each of the women left with chairs 90% finished.  All they had left to do was sew the chair cushions to complete their upholstery projects.  Just last month I taught a  one day demo style upholstery class  in Wendell MA where I was joined by 4 students eager to learn more.  One of them has recently contacted me thanking me for giving her the courage to tackle 2 of her own upholstered chairs.Upholstery Class

I am currently working with Sharon, from Knot Just Sew Sew, in Sugar Grove IL.  Sharon had 3 women very eager to attend an upholstery class so she decide to make it happen! They had learned of me through my Kim’s Upholstery YouTube Channel and decided to give me a call and see if I was willing to teach a class in IL. We have been working out the dates and logistics since the later part of 2014 for an upholstery class.  After much planning Sharon and I have chosen April 2 -4, 2015 for the date of our 3 day upholstery class workshop.  Sharon and I together are letting interested people know about the upholstery workshop through face book as well as our email news letters.  Sharon’s workroom will be the location for this 3 day hands on upholstery class workshop.  Each student will bring their own chair, which I will pre approve, to work on.  We want the projects to be such that each student will have adequate time to accomplish as much as their skill level allows. We are limiting the number of attendees and only have a couple spots left, so if your interested in finding out more about this upholstery class workshop please email or call  Sharon at 630-253-8654 or   The one thing I really love about the hands on upholstery class  atmosphere is the new friends I make.

Upholstery Class ProjectSo, if you are interested in attending an upholstery class or coordinating such an event please feel free to email me or give me a call for more details.  To stay informed you can also sign up for our mailing list.  I look forward to sharing the knowledge with each of you so lets make this happen in 2015!

Happy Stapling and Learning,