Video Transcript

Cat had asked the question on the group of “how we sharpen our scissors”. Now for a number of years I did it with a stone. This I just picked up at a woodworking supply store. One side of the stone is very fine. The other side is course. I would take my scissors and just hold them in my hand. Start with the coarse side and just try to follow the angle of the scissors and I would just just rub along it with the stone then I would switch over to the fine side and I would scrape in a little more until I had thought I had it nice and sharp. Sometimes it was sharp. Sometimes it wasn’t but it was always a problem to get it sharp way out at the tip. It took a lot of work but I struggled with it and that’s the way I did it for years as I said.

I recently talked with another upholsterer friend who turned me on to this Work Shaprp knife and tool sharpener. This was available on Amazon for I don’t know, sixty or seventy dollars. It’s electric. It has a sanding belt and then it has this guide on it which is useful for sharpening knives and scissors and let me show you how that works. I’m going to set that down on the table. Turn it on and the guide actually has a magnetic spot on it. So you lay your scissors on it flat and it kind of holds them in place. It will hold it right on there. And it will hold it to the right angle. So let me just show you that. I’ll show you a close up later on but just turn it on.

[00:01:45] It’s going to take two passes.

[00:01:49] Do each side of the blade. Do the other side.

[00:02:15] It’s not very big.

[00:02:28] Here you can see the area of the flat surface where you set the blade and that’s actually magnetic.

[00:02:33] So it will help to hold your blade at the proper angle as you come across. Just turn this on.

[00:03:09] That’s about all it takes.

[00:03:19] Your scissors are now nice and sharp.

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See you on the inside, Kim