“What parts do I need to connect my air compressor, staple gun, and hose together?”

To answer this frequently asked question Bill and I have created a video to help you make sense of the connectors you’ll need when you purchase an air compressor and air tools ie: upholstery staple gun, decorative nail gun, etc.  When you purchase your staple gun, hose, and air compressor they typically don’t include the connecting fittings that you will need.

I hope this video has been helpful and has cleared up the confusion for you.  We have a Campbell Hausfeld , and a Porter Cable, both brands work very well.  If you buy something local you may also find when you need a new part like we recently did that you can easily get the recplacement piece.  I would love to hear what your experience has been and what brands you use.  For more helpful videos take a look at The Upholstery Life Channel here on our website.

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