Meet Nancy owner of Cobani Bleu

Nancy loves to design furniture by mixing and matching fabrics, trims and maybe a little paint or stain. Favorite design styles include French Country, Farmhouse, Cottage and maybe just a little Boho.

Did you ever just want to jump ship so badly and do your own thing? Well that is what Nancy did several years ago! She jumped off the corporate bandwagon. Now there was a plan in place, but you know how that goes…

Nancy was working away at making her upholstery business a success when things got a little detoured. After a lot of thought, Nancy and her sister decided to be roommates. They sold both of our homes and bought one together. Nancy would move from Atlanta to Nashville. Of course they took the long route.  You can find Nancy on Social media and also see here beautiful work showcased on her website.

Website: Cobani Bleu

Instagram: @CobaniBleu

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