Meet Monika owner of Tresor on 6th

Recycling is a way of life for Monika and her family

For Monika recycling is not only a career choice but a way of life for her and her family. Tresor on 6th Ave, you will find a diverse collection of carefully curated home furnishings, art, and decor built to last. With her commitment to sustainable living and the preservation of natural resources, Monika seeks to promote the reuse and re-purposing of fine and unique furnishings. At Tresor on 6th Ave, Monika does her best to provide quality furnishings to her clients and, in turn, keep Denver CO Green. Monika even brings this value of repurposing to her family gift-giving.  Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Monika in person during one of my 3-day workshops in Colorado. I loved visiting her store in Denver.

Recycling is a way of life we should all strive to succeed at!

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Website: Tresor On 6th

Instagram: @TresorOn6th

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