Meet Amy owner of Weathered and Worn Home Interiors

Furniture flipping and recycling is Amys art form and she does it oh so well! Meet Amy Sharpe owner of Weathered and Warn located in Huntsville Alabama.  If you have ever been curious about getting into furniture flipping you’ll love our conversation.

Weathered and Worn provides a diverse range of painted, repurposed, or upholstered items to decorate your life.

There’s a certain sweetness about a piece of furniture that’s a little weathered and worn. If it could talk it would tell the story of laughter, music, family, and fun. Our goal is to help decorate your home with unique pieces that will last for generations. We look for only the best furniture to paint, stain, and refurbish because we want it to live to tell your story

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A few of Amy’s Pieces

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