WCAA Board Of Directors out to dinner in Louisville KYThe month of September started out with a bang for us here at Kim’s Upholstery. Kim attended the Window Covering Association of America conference, Inspire 2011.  Kim and Jenna Abbott were  co-chairs for planning the conference .  Kim and  Jenna quickly enlisted the help of many other WCAA members to help organize and put on the conference. Inspire 2011 was held at the Galt House in Louisville Ky. It was a huge success.

Kim and I were fortunate enough to attend a presentation by Vitalia Vygovska at a local WCAA event In Westford Ma.. Vitalia, the owner of Vitalia inc. is a Window Treatment and Productivity Expert. Her presentation was about getting things done quickly and efficiently. We discussed short and long term goals for our business and how to free up time to reach those goals. One of the big things that stuck in my mind was Vitas suggestion to hire a personal assistant for Kim. Kim and I thought about it and decided that it would be a good idea. It didn’t take long to find someone with the skills we needed. We hired her and so far things are going great.
About a week later we got a call from a young man looking for work as an upholsterer. We have been searching for someone to work as a second upholsterer for quite some time. This young man ,Juan, came with a very good recomendation from his former boss of 14 years. After two weeks Juan is doing great. He does know how to upholster and he has also taught me a few tricks when it comes to spring tiying.Looking forward to working with Juan for a long time.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

One of the many signs at the work site.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition set up shop in Springfield Ma., a city about 30 miles south of us. We received a call for help to which Becky, Kim and Gail jumped at the opportunity to volunteer. After about 3 days of work in our studio all items were ready for instalation at the Makeover site. What an experience.

We have been working on several ‘How To Upholster’ videos to be posted here on Kim’s blog. We shot video of the entire process of re-covering a sofa and are in the process of editing it down to a half dozen or so shorter videos showing each step of the upholstery process. All videos will be here on the blog and also on our  Kim’s Upholstery YouTube channel.

Don’t forget you can see us  work on upholstery and window treatments live in our studio.  Just go to,    http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kim-s-upholstery-live ,  most week days between 8 am  and 4 pm EST.

Screen shot of Kim's Upholstery Live on ustream.com

Kimberley Chagnon hard at work.

Projects vary and sometimes we get caught up in our work and forget to re-position the camera. Give us a yell and let us know that you are watching and that we need to move the camera. You can also call us and ask for a close up of  some of the things you see, or email us and request that  we go over a specific step with close up shots. We will do this as time  permits. If you haven’t been watching you probably missed Juan making stuffed cubesLeather cube and leather ottoman.covered in leather  and Becky and Kim making window treatments.

swags,jabots, panels, roman shades

Did you know that Kim's Upholstey makes window treatments?

Note:  We don’t normally use sound in the workroom live broadcast. We never know what someone is going to say. Bleeeeeeep!