Succeed in your upholstery business, Some simple advice.

Would you like to succeed in your upholstery business ?

Kim takes a selfie on clients private jet.

How do you describe success? Kim takes selfie on clients private jet.

Here’s my advice, Do What You Say You Are Going To Do,  and follow good business practices. Kim and I have been doing well in our upholstery business for over 19 years. Let me give  you our 5 best secrets.

1.  Answer your phone!  It’s one of the simplest things you can do. So many times we hear the client on the other end of the line say ‘Gee you answered your phone’!, or I wasn’t  prepared to talk to a real person, give me a second to re-think what I was going to say. You know yourself that you hate talking to an answering machine or never ending list of options for leaving a message. By answering your phone you get your prospect while she or he is hot to talk to you.

Kim on phone with client They are now impressed and you can wow them more by answering their questions on the spot. Kim usually says,  “Good morning Kim’s Upholstery” or “Good afternoon Kim’s Upholstery”,  and 9 times out of 10 it’s the wrong time of day, so right off there is a laugh to start the conversation.

2.  Do what you say you will do! If after you have answered your phone you agree to go to a clients home on a certain date and  time for a consultation, Be There On Time. You will make a huge impression by being on time. We see happy customers all the time just because we showed up on time.

3. Call back all missed calls ASAP.  On the same day if possible. You will find that half of your customers will be surprised to get that call back. How many times have you left someone a message and didn’t get called back.

4.  Answer your emails!

Kim answering emails. This dosen't have to be done in your office.

You don’t have to be in your office.

A prospective client with the help of our Metal Kards took the time to write to you most likely really wants to work with you. Maybe you forgot to call this person back after they left a message. If you are trying to use the social media channels to grow your business you better get in the habit of answering emails.

5. Go the extra mile!  Give your  client something they didn’t expect. A pillow made from their left over fabric, cleaning instructions for the fabric you just put on their newly upholstered chair, fabric swatchesGoing the extra mile by sending fabric swatches to client. from the job for them to take shopping when they want to match decorative items for their room with what they have. You can be sure by doing these things that they will mention your upholstery business to their friends.

If you would like to start your own upholstery business why not check our our Upholstery Classes membership site where you can start building the upholstery skills you will need to succeed.

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