– Written by Adrienne Lucas

Hello friends out there in Kim’s Upholstery World! I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and share my story of how I came to know Kim and Bill Chagnon of Kim’s Upholstery, and how their business has helped me on my journey to include upholstery as one of the services my business now offers.  I am grateful to them for offering me this opportunity to journal my thoughts and experiences with you.

My name is Adrienne Lucas, and I am a designer specializing in yacht interiors here on Long Island, New York.  My business, Adrienne’s Luxury Interiors, is a custom design studio and workroom which designs and fabricates soft furnishings including custom bedding, pillows, window treatments, and most recently, upholstery.  I’ve been very fortunate to work on some of the most beautiful yachts and homes here on the island, and have been blessed to watch my business grow with each passing year.

Besides my own hard work and dedication, I attribute part of this success to the leaders in this industry that have been willing to share their expertise and knowledge, answering questions and providing support to the newer members of the trade, as well as those DIYs. I have learned so much from these veterans, which brings me to how I came to know Kim and Bill.

Several years ago, I received a call from a new client who was referred to me. She was looking to have “a few things” done in her home. We set up a consultation, and a week later, I drove out to her beautiful home on the East End of Long Island.  My client was looking to redesign all of the rooms in this large and traditional early-century colonial.  She informed me that her previous designer had allowed her to select white fabrics for all of the seating in the kitchen and dining areas.  With three little girls under 9 years old, and some very dirty white seating throughout, my first task was to help her select new child-friendly fabrics for this wing of her home.  This “small job” consisted of a dinette cushion, 10 chair seats, 4 counter stools and 4 bar stools, and some board mounted valances. This consultation occurred during my off season, so things were a little slow, and I really wanted her business.  On a whim (seriously, what was I thinking?), I decided that along with selecting fabrics and creating the valances, I also wanted to do the upholstering myself, instead of subcontracting it out, as I would normally do.

But there was one problem. I was not, by any definition, an expert upholster. I wasn’t even exactly an upholster. But I did, in the past, upholster a few pieces for my home that came out nicely. Thus, began the pep talk in my head. I am smart. I like to learn. I am detail oriented.  I got this.

After taking a deposit on the job, however, the anxiety factor kicked in, and my thoughts changed a bit. They then sounded something like this: NOW WHAT?? What were you thinking? Ugh. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  Why do you always try to do everything? So, I did what any normal person would do.  Wait for it… … … … I typed into the Google search bar.  How to Upholster YouTube.  And so, I was first introduced to the world of Kim’s Upholstery.

I am sure many of you can relate. Much like a toddler who can’t get enough of the latest Disney movie, I have watched Kim’s videos over and over and over again. I am fascinated with the process and the ease, in which Kim explains the process and subsequently completes the many projects she shares.  After watching her on YouTube, I made my way over to KimsUpholstery.com, and started with the free membership videos.  Shortly thereafter, I took the leap. I am now a full online member of Kim’s Upholstery. I have attended several of her upholstery training workshops. The availability of consistent support has been vital to my success in upholstery.  And Kim’s Upholstery online community is second to none!

I am looking forward to sharing these workshop experiences with you in the upcoming weeks, as well as some other insight I have learned on my own.

I would love to hear how you came across Kim’s Upholstery.  Please do share!

Wishing you a wonderful week,

 – Adrienne

P.S. I did complete the above job successfully.  The client was thrilled, and I had since moved on to do other areas of her home.  And through the experience, I gained confidence.  By about the 10th chair, I was feeling pretty good.  I really do have this!