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I met Jana in June of this year at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck NY (Check out this Blog Post)  I had so much fun creating with her on stage and we have kept in touch. On Face Book Jana posted a picture recently of some great leather flowers which started a conversation and me having the desire to create some of these beauties.   I did make one but really need to perfect my skills on this new craft. My Try at Leather Flowers So en light of seeing my creative endeavor Jana invited me to join her in New York City for a tour of the Flower Factory!!   AWESOME!  So we picked a date and off I went to join Jana for  a visit to New York City.

I boarded the bus on a rainy Thursday, but the rain could not dampen my excitement for a day in the city with someone who KNOWS the city, as I am a country girl but do love a visit to the Big Apple.   Jana, also well known as Trim Queen met me at Port Authority and off we went for our day of adventure and eye candy galore!

Our first stop was East Coast Trimming, I think my heart skipped several beats as I walked in the door.  All those colors and textures calling out to me.

Trims and More Trims Fancy TrimmingsMy head was spinning with ideas of what to do with these beauties, upholstery, pillows, ottomans, bags?  Yikes so many ideas started coming to me all at once. I kept telling my self to focus, but it was very hard to do with the creative side of my brain taking charge.  I did buy a great trim and fur pom pom for an ottoman project I’ve had in mind. Jana introduced me to Donna, the owner.  Donna has a real fun and creative personality which is reflected clearly in her displays around the store.  

 We made a quick stop at Mood just so I could say I’ve been there.  I was looking for a fabric I needed to make a skirt for a 1950’s sock hop that I am attending in February but no luck there.  Next we went to the main event, The Flower Factory, which was even more amazing than I expected.01e9bb0044e67b580e59e4353e9a71c2292b20070b 017dae284ea35977a6b2f8c8a0190774e376d4ab37 01057b2a14f77f056493428080e7a2920802f1771bTucked away on one of the upper floors this was a gem and feast for the eyes. Flowers made in every shape, color, size and style you could possibly ever want.  From wedding flowers, brightly colored flowers, flowers made out of leather, sparkly embellished flowers, metallic flowers, and on and on. 

Rain and all it was a great day in the city.  We had lunch and shopped for all things Pretty, which as my husband would say, it’s what I am all about, Making things Pretty!  Flower embellishmentsHere’s a picture of some of my treasures. When I have a minute I do have some ideas for most of them and the others will just hang so sweetly on the wall in my office. I’ve also discovered a couple of Cratsy Classes that might help you get started on some embellishments of your own. You can check those below  with my affiliate links.

Image Sewing TextureEmbroidery Class image

I hope you will share your creations with me, happy embellishing,