I have finally figured out how to live stream video from the workroom. Using a video camera in the workroom.For those of you that have never heard of live streamed video, it’s kind of like  live TV. There are still a few glitches and I’m sure we will experience more but for now  we will be broadcasting live from the workroom as often as we can. During our regular work day we will probably have the sound turned off so don’t worry about missing any important information. You will have the ability to chat online . Type in your question, your comment or your request and we will  get back to you. If it’s a regular work day our response may be a little slow. Sorry! This week you will mostly see the sewing of cushions and possibly the pinning and sewing of a slip cover.Please bear with us as I said there are and will be glitches along the way.

I have this stream set up on Facebook. If you are interested in watching and participating in chat, just sign in to your Facebook account and go to the Kim’s Upholstery fan page. If you are not already a fan you will need to hit the “Like” button to gain access. Once you are there look for the “Ustream Live” icon under the Got Drapes picture on the left side of the screen. You will be taken to the Kim’s Upholstery Live page. If we are broadcasting you will be able to click on what looks like a video with a start button to see us live.

All video production and broadcasting is done by me, Bill Chagnon, at TickeoVideo, www.TickeoVideo.com      In the future we hope to have a schedule of live shows and to offer classes on Upholstery, Slipcovering, Window Treatments and much more. If you have any requests please sends us an email at  tickeo@gmail.com 

Stay Tuned and please leave a comment.