Kim's Upholstery channel on YouTube

Over 100,000 views.

Our How To Upholster videos on our Kim’s Upholstery YouTube Channel just hit 100,000 views. OMG, I would have never imagined it would grow so BIG! What started as a hobby of Bills has had quite an impact on my business. From our modest studio here at 162 Federal St. in Greenfield MA we have become the go to people for many of you. We receive calls, emails and web hosting inquiries daily. It really has been a lot of fun so far. YouTube has offered us partner status and let us know that we could monetize our channel by letting them place ads on it. This is something that Bill does not want to do. His reasoning is that people are hit by advertising everywhere they turn, and he knows just how annoying that is. So for now we will remain commercial free.

We welcome your comments on our videos and love answering questions for both the newbies and those with upholstery  experience. The requests for new videos are great and we will get to them as soon as we can.I would love to see someone do a video response to our video channel. You could show off your projects and talk about some of the experiences you have had in your upholstery journey.

Thanks To Our Fans And Keep Watching