Hand woven fabrics, from Vavstuga, used for chair cushions.

chair cushions

We just finished making these cushions for ‘ Vavstuga‘   a  Swedish Weaving  and Folk Arts School in beautiful downtown Shelburne Falls MA.   We are very lucky here at Kim’s that we are surrounded by lots and lots of talented people in the fiber art field. We kind of feed off each other. Some artists weave materials and then ask us to sew their creations into bags, pocket books, cushions and seat covers. Others get scrap material from us to weave into their projects.

Fabrics woven at Vavstuga, Sweedish Weaving & Folk Arts and made into cushions by Kim's Upholstery of Greenfield Ma.

Beautiful fabrics.

Interested in learning to weave? Check out http://www.vavstuga.com/