Installing grommets in a window treatment is one of those jobs that makes me very nervous. Think about it. Kim has just finished  the curtain panels. She has many hours of work and lots of money tied up in fabric and supplies. I’m about to mark the fabric and cut large holes in it. Does Kim have the spacing right? Do we have the correct number of holes? Will I make a mistake while cutting? One little mistake could easily cost several hundred dollars not to mention the lost time. For those of you that need to install grommets in your window treatment projects, I have just put up two videos of how we do it here at Kim’s Upholstery. In the videos I am using a Grommet/Button press and #12 Cutting/Setting dies purchased from the Rowley Company in Gastonia NC. For those of you not in the upholstery and window treatment  trade Rowley Company has launched   a new site, Rowley DIY. You can buy supplies there.

Well that’s enough rambling on. Here are the two videos.