At The 2008 ShowI never in  a million years thought I would say something like this but , You gotta go to the Paradise City art show.  I’ve always thought that an art show would be as about exciting as watching ice melt. Then I went to the Paradise City  art show in Northampton, 2008.  WOW. What you will see there is awesome.  I wish I had that kind of imagination.  If you can get your hands on their 2009 Fall Guide you will be amazed, at that alone.  Click on the blue text above for preview.

After attending the show Kim and I were inspired to redecorate a room in our  home. We bought a painting and began to plan a room around the subject of that painting  and the colors in it.  I have to say it turned out great, so great that we bought more art and did another room. Watch out , this could happen to you!

So set the date and drag your husband/wife or a friend to the show. You will be glad you did.  Let me know what you think.