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Visiting Denver was a new adventure in so many ways.

A few months ago I was contacted by a member of the Craftsy Team and asked if I would be interested in being one of their Instructors…… let me think, YES!

[Happy Dance Happening here]  I was both excited and honored to be asked to join their team of wonderful instructors.  If your not familiar with Craftsy, they offer a huge array of topics for those of us eager to learn more.   While in Denver I met 3 other new instructors and got to work with a wonderful team in preparation for and during the filming of my class.  So let me tell you a little about all the wonderful people I met.

Craftsy, Learn it. Make it.

The Craftsy platform offers so many topics its hard to know where to start.  There is sewing, quilting, knitting, woodworking, photography and so much more.  I, being one who loves to learn as well as teach have taken a few classes myself.  Photography is one of my passions so I had recently taken Basics of Digital Photography by Rick Allerd  to help me  to brush up on my skills as well as learn how to master my digital camera.  Another of my favorites was  Tailoring Ready Wear by Angela Wolf, because as most women know, nothing off the rack fits quite right.  These are just two of the great classes I have taken, but your desires may be way different than mine and I am sure you will find a class that suits your needs.

Let’s make some new friends

Moon Lighting Quilts

I arrived in Denver mid day on Saturday and wasn’t meeting with my producer until Sunday.   So being a people person and enjoying make new friends I reached out to 3 other instructors that would be in Denver filming at the same time as I.

Cyndi Sauder of Moon Lighting Quitls, Cyndi has a signature quilt that is a portrait of her dad and at first glance I was sure it was a painting.  Shawna McGreevy of McGreevy Cakes, Shawna’s website show cases her talent in designing cakes that look to beautiful to eat.McGreevy Cakes


Catherine Pooler founder of StampNation, Catherine will have you wanting to send dozens of cards when you see all the great designs she has on her website. Catherine Pooler




Being women entrepreneurs we were lucky enough to have plenty to talk about even though our business
backgrounds were so varied.


What a great company!

The Craftsy company is AWESOME and it shows in everyone of their employees you work with!  Everyone I meet was so friendly and knowledgeable.  The staff makes you feel like you have known each other for ever.  My first contact was Linda, my content editor, you discusses your topic matter with her and she helps with the first round of determining your class (Can’t tell you what it is yet, sorry!). Next I worked with Angela my Instructional Producer who helps you “flesh” out your class to make sure your students get every nugget you have to share, its a lot of work, but she made it fun as we both have a great sense of humor and laughed quite a bit.  Before and during filming I worked with my producer Katie… WOW.  She was awesome in helping to make sure I  nailed the class on camera.  During my filming Katie was right next to me giving me more thumbs up than down, whew.  Also on set I had a great switcher at the helm of the computer, Jeff and the videographer Brandon.    Not to forget Maria who was my Instructor Coach and figures out how you work best on camera,  Molly who was my assistant and gets what ever you forgot to bring and makes sure your clothes are all pressed for your on camera presentation and Danica, the make up artist who helps you look your best!  The fabulous team at Craftsy made my experience one I will remember for ever.

As I am sure you have figured out, I had a great time and made some wonderful new friends who’s website I am sure will inspire you as much as their personalities inspired me.  Please make sure you take the time to see what topics Craftsy offers that fit your learning desires, as I am sure they will have a few if not several.   At this point in time I can’t tell you what my class is, but be sure that as soon as it launches in a few months I will let you know all the juicy details!


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