Kim at her sewing machine during the taping of a Kim's Upholstery "How To" videos

Sharing The Knowledge

We have heard your requests loud and clear! I’ve been upholstering for over 18 years now and a few years back we started putting video’s on YouTube to show our retail clients what we do and to motivate the DIY community to not throw away those worn pieces, but instead bring them back to life. During this time we have received multiple emails, answered desperate phone calls from those of you in the middle of a project needing that last piece of information to finish it and a huge request for more in depth learning.

It took time to research what kind of learning would be best for our dedicated followers. I’ve hosted workshops here in our own work space, traveled to other locations teaching groups of you, but the request to learn from home has come up over and over. So we are very excited to share with you that we now have launched our online learning option. Here you can purchase individual video projects that will walk you step by step in the process of upholstering a specific piece.  These skills you will learn can be used in other upholstered pieces as well.  The other option is an Upholstery Skills membership where you will pay a monthly fee and have access to all video content on the site, this option is coming soon!  The individual video option is live and ready to go.   We will be continually adding videos and upholstery skills to our library so check back often to see what’s new.


Thanks for all your positive feedback on our YouTube channel and encouraging us to take this next step in bring you more in-depth learning.

Check out our new upholstery class website at