In this video tutorial you will learn how to reupholster this Tufted Victorian Chair. You will see how to cut the foam for tufting and how to attach your foam for the inside arms and inside back. I will show you how I make the appropriate cuts in the fabric to manipulate the fabric around the chair frame, how to tuft the inside arms and inside back. I will show you how to tie off the buttons once tufted, how to close up the outsides using cardboard tack strip as well as using a ladder stitch. We will attach decorative gimp to finish off our chair.


  • Part 1 Tight Seat
  • Part 2 Foam Padding
  • Part 3 Inside Arm Left
  • Part 4 Inside Arm Right
  • Part 5 Inside Back
  • Part 6 Outside Arms
  • Part 7 Outside Back
  • Part 8 Ladder Stitching Outside Back
  • Part 9 Adding Decorative Gimp
Supply List

  • 2” Foam 1.5 Density 16 LB. Compression
  • ⅜” amd 9/16” Staples
  • 1 oz. Bonded Dacron
  • Panel Board
  • #22 Button molds
  • Button Twine
  • Cambric Dust Cover
  • Muslin
  • Decorator Velvet Fabric




  • Pneumatic Stapler
  • Electric Carving Knife or Foam Saw
  • Osborne 120 ½ staple pullers
  • Wire Cutters
  • 12” Button Needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure (cloth)
  • Straight Edge
  • High Melt Hot Glue Gun